All-Season Collar - Forest Green

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Choose quality and style for your pup's adventures with our brand new all-season collars, handmade right here in Somerset. Made from Biothane®, these collars hold exceptional durability, are odour-resistant, completely waterproof and easy to clean. Perfect for dogs that love water, are mud magnets or can't resist rolling in a bit of poo! 

Each collar is individually handcrafted with a sturdy buckle and D ring, in a choice of two colours. They are fully made to measure to provide a completely bespoke fit for your dog. 

To measure: Loop a tape measure around the base of your dog's neck, allowing up to two finger's width between the tape measure and the neck.

Please note: Each collar is made to the measurement provided by the customer. Please ensure you have provided the most accurate measurement.

Hardware Colour
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